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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Banana Two Banana Three Banana Four

This coming Friday is our monthly Zone Conference.  I would love to make lunch for the missionaries before the conference, but alas we are not suppose to feed the missionaries at their meetings.

So.....I thought I could make banana bread for the missionaries to take as they leave the meeting.  I wanted to attach a scripture or thought.  I decided to go with Matthew 4:4.  You will have to look it's always good to read the scriptures.

I have made 20 loaves so far and looks like I have enough bananas to make another 40 or 50 loaves.  Always good to have a loaf on hand to feed a hungry Elder or Sister.

This weekend was our Stake Conference.  Saturday night Priesthood session started at 6pm.  We offered a ride to the sister missionaries who live near us so they wouldn't have to take the subway.  They were very apprecitive, but said they had choir practive at 5.  So we left at 4:30.  Richard and I read while waiting for Priesthood session to began.  During Priesthood meeting the sister missionaries, both junior and senior, had a pizza party!  The adult meeting began at 7.  I think the majority of the people there were missionaries.  It was a wonderful meeting on Sunday, probably 1/3 of the talks were given in Spanish.  We all were given headphone so the entire conference was translated in either English or Spanish.