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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's a Battleground, But HALLELUJAH

The mission provides around fifty cars to missionaries that live on Long Island where mass transit is not available.  Mission cars are purchased new and are sold when they reach fifty thousand miles.  Missionaries are not to eat or drink in the cars and are required to keep them maintained, clean and washed.  Missionaries are tested before they are allowed to drive.  The cars have tee wees installed in them so they can be tracked if they exceed a certain speed limit or are driven outside the missionaries proselyting area.

Given all of these guidelines, but understanding the missionaries are between eighteen and twenty-one years old and this is New York, you can only imagine what can (and does) happen.

But, not to fear!  The mission is a major customer of a local car repair shop.  The cars are forever being rotated in and out for service and repair.

Now, in your widest imagination, can you guess the name of the repair shop?

HALLELUJAH!, PRAISE THE LORD Auto Repair Shop.  I am serious. Every time I think of it, I laugh.

Don't you just love it!#             Only in New York
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You can even purchase license plate covers.....would you like me to pick one up for you?

Or maybe a business card?


  1. HaHa, That is quite an unforgettable name. 50,000 miles doesn't seem to be that high for mileage to warrant another car, but probably like you mentioned the cars are sometimes mis used. And yes please, I will take a business card. :) Too funny!