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Sunday, February 14, 2016

It was so COLD that....

Oops, our window is not really floating, the picture just didn't adjust.

It was so cold last night that my waterpic froze.  Because we are so short of space, I keep it on the windowsill of the bathroom.

When we woke up it was a bit chilly.  It wasn't long before we discovered that two of our three radiators were not was getting pretty cold.   So we checked the temperature on our phones and it read 1 degree and that's not counting wind chill.

I looked out our window to the trees across the street to check my weather balloons (two birthday balloons stuck in the branches since we arrived) and they were not there.  I commented to Richard that I wondered if I should even bother fixing my hair as I couldn't tell if it was windy or not.  He said, "It's so cold that the air has frozen."  and I believe him!  Oh, love and trust.

So glad it's Sunday and we get to spend the day in a warm church.  We are substituting in Primary today so we are sure to be warm.  We will be with the Valiant class (ages 8 to 11).  There are two brothers in the class, Prince and Oscar who are simply wonderful.  They are smart, know the gospel, and can answer any question we pose.  After church we have a baptism.  Our branch does the baptisms on Sunday so that more people can attend.  There is always a big turnout.  We love the Richmond 1st Branch.


  1. Brrr, that is so cold! It has been 90 in CA these past few days. We are breaking out the shorts and flip flops. Love hearing about your mission, and the experiences you are having. Must be such a change from a ward to a branch and a lot of kids in primary to just a few. The kids got there post
    cards, thank you. Happy heart day!

  2. It sure would be difficult walking through frozen air!