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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Budget Line Item

We have now added a new category to our New York mission budget.  The New York Finance Department.  Yes, we love New York, but was hoping to not contribute to the Finance Department.

Maybe I should explain.....

1.  Being in New York for only a few day, driving at night with all the lights, and traffic like Daytona 500, I'm afraid we ran a red light.  Who would know there are traffic lights every quarter of a mile.  Cost $50.00
2. Parking in New York is a problem.  We are lucky to have a parking garage a block away for the cost of $350.00 a month (we are use to a 3 car garage home for free).  One day we needed to stop by the apartment to pick something up.  Low and behold we can out to find a parking ticket.  What about all the other cars who park there daily or the man who double parks to run into Dunkin Donuts?  Cost $60.00
3.  We learned our lesson.  While in Brooklyn, we found a parking place, purchased a ticket from the meter, and placed in inside the front window and were on our merry way.  Yes, we came back to a parking ticket on our windshield.  The reason?#! Our meter ticket was turned the wrong way.  Cost $35.00

We've decided that it's one of the cost of living in this great state!  We love New York.

Unadvertised Tax:  New York collects over 8 billion dollars a year from traffic and parking citations!

Lesson Learned;
Christ-like attribute learned and working on "Don't be quick to anger."