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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Have Added Over 200 New Grandchildren

Besides our 24 grandchildren, we now have 200 "new" grandchildren here in the New York South Mission.  We are so proud of each one of them...they are smart, disciplined, fun, loving, caring, giving.  I could go on and on.  Those who have served a senior mission can truly understand.

Every three to four months one of our responsibilities is to "inspect" each of the over 100 apartments to check for any problems and to make sure the missionaries are good housekeepers.  It's so much fun to visit them with our little bag of cookies or muffins for them.  Here are some pictures:

 These two missionaries live close to us and attend the same branch.  The one next to me, Elder Resinelli, is from Northern Italy and the one on the end, Elder Muti, is from Hawaii.  When we went to visit them, about 9:30 am, I noticed some dried spaghetti noodles on the stove and a sink full of dirty dishes.  I commented it's hard to believe you had spaghetti for breakfast and they said, "No, I think that was from last night."  On further inspection the rest of the apartment was pretty much the same.  I hate to be the "bad" guy, so I said, "Your mother's must love you very much because I can see you have been treated like a "prince" and didn't have to do housework at home."  I hope I got the point across.  They are just big kids and we just love them.

These two missionaries, Elder Pavon (the shorter) and Elder Caballero (taller) are from Mexico.  The most humble and sweet young men you will ever meet. We had an appointments to inspect 10 apartments one day and it just so happened they were on "splits" with two other missionaries.  "Splits" mean that they exchange partners with another set of missionaries in their zone.  We saw Elder Caballero at an apartment other than his own, as we inspected that apartment.  We were going to Elder Pavon and Elder Caballero's apartment next, but needed directions.  Elder Caballero and his split partner said they were going that way and would show us.  When we got to the apartment everything was perfect, so neat and clean.  We went into the bedroom to check and found this "pink doll thing" sitting on Elder Caballero's pillow which Elder Pavon had lovingly placed.  Oh, how we all laughed.  After we left, I said to Richard that I wished I had taken a picture. They sent the above picture, and even dressed the part.  Aren't they great! On the tender side, when we left Elder Pavon had written us a sweet note telling us how he loved us and we were such a good example of a couple who love and respect each other.

These two sisters are also in our branch.  The one on the left, Sister Benson, is from Mesa, Az and on the right is Sister Loetscher, from Utah.   We love them both so much.  I have never seen them without a smile on their face and kind words.  They are amazing young sisters.  They are coming for dinner tonight and then Sister Benson is going to cut my hair.  Gosh, I have learned I can dye my own hair and have a sweet sister cut it.  Richard offered, but I think I'll let Sister Benson since she has graduated from cosmotology school.  I also don't need to have my nails done, because (1) I don't have time, (2) they would just break while I'm unpacking boxes in the "dungeon" (more on that later), and (3) who cares!