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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Few This and That's

Do you remember the little rides outside the grocery store...maybe a horse, or even Mickey Mouse???
They are all over the place in Queens.  It brings back wonderful memories of my children begging for a quarter to ride.  Children still are begging!

The other day we were in Dyker Hights "shopping" for an apartment in the middle of China Town.  The sidewalks were so crowded with busy people....doesn't anyone work?  and they all spoke Chinese.  The neighborhood blocks were divided into different areas.  One block might specialize in fruits and vegetables, another household goods. And then you come to the fish market section.  Oh, the smells and baskets of fish, some still moving.  I saw varities of fish I had never seen before.

Don't you just love Richard's handbag?

This is the most beautiful fruit, called Sweet Dragon Fruit from Vietnam.


  1. That fruit looks more like a fish I would view on "Bubble Guppies" with our 3 year old twins! Very interesting.

  2. Haven't seen rides like that in years. We use to beg to ride on something like that in front of Smittys and Super K mart. Dad looks good with his handbag and it appears that you are all doing well.

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