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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flushing, Bedbugs, Sisters, Oh Joy!

Flushing is about 70% Chinese, 25% Korean and 5% other.  It's interesting to drive or walk the streets of Flushing.  I would say it is more Chinese than China Town in San Fransisco or New York City.  The streets are teaming with people, even in the middle of the day. . .shopping, eating, visiting, and generally hurrying about in every direction.

Sister Fields, on the right is from Arizona, and Sister Yu, on the left is from Korea, are serving a Korean speaking mission in New York South Mission in Flushing. Richard and I had been asked to find a new apartment for Sister Fields and Sister Yu as they have been sharing their apartment with millions of bedbug for months. We simply could not get rid of them!

After driving and walking the streets, we found the most perfect apartment.  But, alas, it was pretty expensive. We called the mission president, President Reynolds,  to get his ok and he supported us 100%.  We had taken the sisters with us to look at the apartment and they just could not believe they were going to live in such a wonderful apartment.  They had tears of joy in their eyes.

Our real estate agent, Nancy, is Korean and she recognized that Sister Yu was Korean so they started to converse in their native language.  You can imagine Nancy's surprise when Sister Fields joined the conversation!  Her mouth literally dropped open.  She was so impressed.

There were a couple of touch and go situations in acquiring the apartment, ie, a hugh language barrier and understanding the lease contract, Nancy and the listing agent yelling and arguing with each other.  Later we learned that the Korean's and Chineese don't care too much for each other.  But, finally we had the "golden" keys in our sweaty hands.

The apartment is on the fourth floor with a wonderful view of the park across the street.  In the picture below, Richard is not trying to get a better view of the park, he is installing miniblinds.  None of the windows or sliders leading out to the balcony had any kind of coverings.  We made a trip to Home Depot and Target and purchased the necessary items on Friday afternoon and then spent most of Saturday installing the blinds (with no ladder), scrubbing the floors, and general cleaning.  It was a   l  o  n  g  but satisfying day for these two old people.

On Tuesday the sister's beds were delivered.  They had been using air mattress. Today, Wednesday, we drove to Staten Island to pick up some furniture that had been donated to finish furnishing their apartment.  The missionary apartments usually have a kitchen table with 2 chairs, 2 study table with chairs, 2 twin beds, and 2 dressers.  We just couldn't pass up this donated furniture so the sisters apartment is very different that the others.  This is one of the many tender mercies we have received as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Lesson Learned:
Be patient and trust in the Lord.  He is watching over us and knows our trials. After we have done all we can do, He will bless us in His own way if we have righteous desires.  The sisters did not question or complain.  They remainded faithful and went about doing the Lord's work.  They have been blessed in ways more eternal that a new comfortable apartment.