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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Don't Think I Enjoy Shopping Anymore

We have a budget of approximately $32,000.00 to spend for the year 2016 on missionary furnishings...beds and frames, pot, pans, and any kitchen item, cleaning supplies, etc.  Thank heavens for Amazon!

I can't begin to tell you the number of pots and pans I have ordered.  Each apartment needs at least a large and small fry pan and saucepans.   Then they need the right utensils to use since they are all non-stick.

The other evening we received a call from a couple of elders asking if the mission had cookie sheets.  They were hungry for Mom's cookies.  At the time we didn't have any, besides it was 9:00 at night and we were not about to go back to the mission office "dungeon".   So we instructed them how to make a cookie sheet out of foil.  It must have worked....we now provide cookie sheets.

Our main goal, to go along with improving the apartment in the New York South Mission, is to make sure each missionary companionship has the supplies they need to have a clean and well maintained apartment.  We don't just order a couple of scrubbing bubbles, toilet bowl cleaner, shower curtain liners, ironing boards, irons, toasters, and bedbug foggers, and ant and roach killer we order at least 25 at a time.  I'm sure Amazon must know me by name.  Here's a picture of the "DUNGEON"

Going Down..Down...Down
Inside the Dark Unknown
The Brave Senior Missionary Went
I have to say, we have never encountered anything scurrying about, moving, hissing, or making any scary noises down in ......the dungeon.  I have not even had a scary dream.