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Sunday, July 10, 2016

What!?# One Hundred and Twenty Smoke/Co Detectors

About a month ago we received a notice from the Church Mission Department informing us every missionary apartment throughout the world needed to have a new smoke/co detector installed.  That meant we needed to install approximately 120 new detectors (I guess that is a small portion of worldwide.).

Now, any place other than New York, it would be a huge project, but in New York it was daunting.

The downside:  traffic and parking....yea, we found a parking place and feed the meter.

The upside:  spending time with the missionaries:

After installation of detectors, the missionaries needed to be instructed on how to do a monthly test and report the results on their ipad.  With the help of the office elders, the task is completed.  Here is a picture of Elder Johnson and some of the missionaries working on installing the device.