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Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Trip Back in Time

Long Island, which includes the Burroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, is approximately 120 miles long.  At the Eastern tip of the island is the town of Montauk.  Approximately 20 miles to the West are the towns of Hampton Bays and Riverhead, where there are small LDS branches.  Misssionaries are assigned to both branches, and we have opened several missionary apartments in the area during our mission.

A popular tourist site in Montauk is the Montouk Lighthouse, built on the eastern most tip of the Island, just outside of the Town of Montouk.  We finally found a free day to visit the Lighthouse, an all day trip from our apartment in Queens.  It was a great adventure.

Montauk Point Lighthouse was the first built in New York state, and stands on a historic and spectacular site.  It was here, high above the ocean, that the Montaukett Tribe first built fires to guide their canoes safely home.

During the American Revolution the British occupied Long Island.  On this bluff they called "Turtle Hill", they kept watch with fires burning as beacons for their ships blockading Long Island Sound.

After the Revolution and to safeguard ships and promote international trade, the building of the Lighthouse was authorized in 1792 by the Second Congress under President George Washington. The deed signed by President Washington to purchase the land is still on display in the Lighthouse Musuem.

During World War II members of the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army were both stationed at the Lighthouse.  In 1942 a Fire Control Station was built on the Lighthouse grounds so that the U.S. Army Artillery Division at the Lighthouse could coordinate with cannon crews stationed west of the Lighthouse at Camp Hero.  During the war German U-boats were often seen just off shore, and several German spies secretly entered the US near Montauk.

For over two hundred years mariners on whaling ships, steamers, fishing boats and sailing vessels of all kinds have passed this Lighthouse and were guided and reassured by its presence.

Before starting our journey home, we stopped at wonderful local seafood restaurant--Inlet Seafood Restaurant-- and enjoyed a delicious lunch of fresh caught fish (an added bonus).

It was a wonderful day trip and will forever be a part of our favorite memories of New York.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Here we are outside the Lighthouse.  

We could hardly believe there were surfers on such a cold day!

We were tired and happy to be home that evening.  It felt so good to have our PJ's on and relaxing on the sofa, when....the phone rang at 8:00 pm.  We held our breath and answered the call.  A couple of missionaries locked themselves out of their apartment.  So, we got dressed, went to the office to pick up the key, and drive to Flushing.  Flushing is about 20 minutes from the office but the traffic was terrible so it took 30 minutes.  The missionaries met us at the door thinking they would get the key and then bring it back down to us as we waited in the car. But surprise, we decided to do an apartment inspection.  They both had a look of trepidation in their eyes.  That look was understanding and we spent the next hour helping them clean their apartment.  Traffic was worse going home and arrived at our apartment after 10:00 pm.

Even still it was a great day!