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Friday, March 3, 2017

Dinner with the President

On the Saturday following Valentine's Day, the senior missionaries were invited to dine at the President and Sister Reynold's home.  We always enjoy gathering together with the other seniors and sharing what is going on in our areas of assignments and experiences.  The dinner was delightful and delicious.  After dinner, President Reynold asked us all to share one thing that none of the others attending knew about them.  It was a fun way to get to know another aspect of each other.  It's such a wonderful group of people who we have grown to love and will always have fond memories of. Each one is a dedicated missionary and a joy to work with.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Seated around the table beginning on the left, President and Sister Reynolds, Elder and Sister Conger, Elder and Sister Williams, Elder and Sister Shapiro, Sister Lilly (Elder Lilly took the picture), Elder and Sister Adams, Richard and myself, Elder and Sister Hopkins, Sister Peterson (whose husband passed away a couple of years ago), and finally Anthia (who is employed by the mission to help the President and Sister Reynolds)

Here's another shot:

Now you will have to read in reverse!

We are one of the "old timers."  The Lilly's leave in March, we leave in June, and Sister Peterson in September.  All the others have close to a year or more to serve.