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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emoji Burger

Saturday.....Oh, Saturday.... P Day???

This last Saturday, we left the apartment around 7:30 am to meet the nephew of the new senior couple who will be coming at the end of the month (April).  Elder Ho and Sister Lee (Holy-pretty funny) shipped three large boxes to their nephew, David Ho, who lives in Jersey City and asked if we could meet him at their new apartment prior to their arrival. Elder Ho and Sister Lee are from Taiwan and will be serving in Dyker Heights which is primarily an Asian community.  Everything went smoothly and the boxes were delivered.

Richard began putting together the wooden shelving unit, only to discover the box contained two right sides to the unit.  So he had to take apart what he had already put together.  I was busy putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and bathroom.  We will need one more trip to try again with the shelving unit.  We are picking up Elder Ho and Sister Lee at JFK airport next Saturday afternoon, take them to their new home, and then do some grocery shopping.

Last week all the furniture we had ordered from Ikea was delivered.  The apartment is looking so cute.

This photo doesn't look as cute as the apartment does when you are in it.
 Maybe it's the spirit that the picture does not capture.  

We had made an appointment to see an apartment in Astoria at 11:00, so we left the apartment and crossed our fingers that the traffic would cooperate.  Not to be.  We called the realtor and asked how long he could wait for us, it would be close.  When we arrived, we double parked, and I stayed in the car while Richard went to see the apartment.  The apartment was nice but a little pricey so not sure what we will do about it.

Then on to our lunch appointment in Jackson Heights with a companionship of sister missionaries, Sister Steninger and Sister McDowell.  They are sister trainers which means they are assigned to work with all the sisters in their area to assist them in setting goals, how to teach, etc.  And they are both from Arizona.

Richard, Sister Steninger, Sister McDowell, and me (the old looking sister)
You can see from the sign we are eating at Emoji Burger...the best hamburgers in New York.  It was a delightful hour visiting with the sisters about their families and their goals for their future.   Have you ever watched the TV series on Netflix called Heartland?  Well, Sister McDowell looks just like the star of the show.  That was the first thing I said to her when I met her a year ago.  She said she hears that all the time.

Next, the four of us went to the office, the sisters to start a face time chat with an investigator, and we went down,down to the dungeon to pick up supplies for the Megazone Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

We are trying to keep our spirits up since we would like to replace three apartments before we leave the mission at the end of May. We know our Father in Heaven will assist us and guide us to the appropriate apartments.

It is so important not to become discouraged.  We mortals have a tendency to want to control everything.  We want things to happen on our time schedule.  We sometimes want to force things to happen.

But, we must have faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We are never alone when we are doing the Lord's work.  We do our best and pray for guidance.  We have a testimony that our Heavenly Father knows us and is aware of all we do.  All we have to do is ask and have faith that He is there listening and will bless us. This has never failed us.