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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Megazone Conference Boo Hoo

We have mixed emotions as we attended the last megazone Conference before we go home.  They are quite a bit of work for President and Sister Reynolds and the senior missionaries who volunteer to help.  Most missions have megazone conferences every quarter, but the Mission Department is trying a new approach in the New York South Mission, conferences every six weeks.  The conferences start at 9:00 am and are over by 3:00 pm and have approximately 60 missionaries per conference. Our mission is divided into four megazones, so they take up the better part of a week.

We volunteered to provide the meal for the conference which involved purchasing and transporting the food, preparing the meal, and clean up. It's fun working and laughing with the other senior couples.  Each senior brings so many experiences to share.  Today we served BBQ chicken sandwiches, coleslaw, pickles, chips, grapes, and cookies.  We also have a fifteen to twenty minute time slot where we present on what else but, cleaning.  We attend all megazone conferences.

Here are some pictures of lunch with the missionaries.

You can see they are all dressed like dedicated missionaries enjoying their lunch. They are so appreciative, but it is nearly impossible to fill them up.

Did someone say there was more food????

After singing "Called to Serve" to the senior missionaries as a thank you, they are more than happy to help clean their tables.