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Monday, September 5, 2016

Coney Island Fun

We sure had some fun this last Saturday at Coney Island. We asked another senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Williams, if they would like to join us. They are from Seattle Washington and serve in the office as the "car " couple.

Saturday was a beautiful day, overcast with a cool, steady breeze, a welcome change from a long, hot and humid summer.  It was a long trip by subway, about 1 1/2 hours, but well worth it.   We left our apartment at 9:30, went to the mission office, walked to the train station, caught the R train to 57th Street in Mnhatten, and then transferred to the Q train.  We arrived at Coney Island 23 stops later at 11:30, just in time for a Nathan's hot dog at the original Nathan's hot dog stand.  Nathan's is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.

I can understand why they have been around for so long.  They are tasty, but I'm sure they are not considered a healthy meal.

When we first arrived there were not many people, but by the time we finished our lunch, we were glad we made it our first stop.  There was a long line for a hot dogs!

After Nathan's we walked along the boardwalk, stretching at least a mile  The boardwalk is nice with beach shops. food vendors, and carnival attractions on one side, and the beach on the other. The beach is simply beautiful,  I can certainly understand why, after working in the city and living in crowded apartment buildings, people flock to the beach.

We decided to be brave and ride one of the carnival rides.  We chose the calmest of the rides, the 150 foot high Wonder Wheel (its really what we call a Ferris Wheel).

Here's a little sign that gives some of the statistics.

Before we could qualify to ride, we needed to be measured.

I didn't realize I was so much taller than Richard!

Gosh, once we were at the top of the wheel I was reminded of how frightening heights are.  And of course, Richard wanted one of the baskets that swung.  By the second time around, I was relaxed and enjoying the view.

That was enough of the rides for these old "foggies" so we decided to venture over to the aquarium.  The Coney Island aquarium is amazing.  We enjoyed looking at all the varieties of fish.  The tanks were so realistic and the fish would swim right up to the glass and just look at us, as interested in us as we were of them!

Aren't they just beautiful!  Would love to have this in my home.

See how interested he was in all of the strange creatures looking at him.  He was a big guy.

After viewing the fish we went to the sea lion show.  The sea lions could do as many tricks as a trained dog.  How amazing.  We sat right of front and enjoyed the show.

I think he's sticking his tongue out at us...or maybe that's a offer of a kiss?

A good day was had by all.

Our Heavenly Father blesses us in so many ways.  Look around at the beauties of the earth, the creatures, and all the kind and wonderful people in your life.  As you look at others, whether they are family, friends, or strangers, remember they are your spirit brothers and sisters.  They live lives like you and I, with joys, sorrows, and trials.  It takes such a little effort to smile and say a kind word.  That kind jester might be the only positive in their life that day.  Likewise you will be blessed by your charity and love.