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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Orange is the New ???

Today we opened a new apartment in Jackson Heights.  Great neighborhood with nice people, shops, and restaurants.

We needed help setting up the new apartment, so we called on a few of the missionaries for help. More than needing the help, we just love spending time with them.  When the our work is done, we always treat them to lunch.

(Looks like orange was the color of the day.)  The two missionaries in front, Elder Opfar (left) and Elder Woodmansee (right), are the office elders. They are assigned to be our right hand men.  They call us every morning, Monday through Friday, to see what we need them to do.  I'll bet you wish you were so lucky! The other two missionaries are Elders Smith and Powell, who work in the area and were asked to lend a hand.

The other evening, Elder Johnson and I were working at this new apartment and walking back to our car we smelled french fries.  Lo and behold, we had parked in front of a restaurant that had homemade french fries, hamburgers, and shakes. We couldn't resist and went in for fries and a shake.  We began talking to our server, Miguel, and before we knew it he brought us a hamburger on the house. We decided then, that would be where we brought the missionaries for lunch, Emoge Burger.

Tomorrow we are opening another new apartment in Flushing.  The office elders will be helping along with Elders Jheng and Wu.  Perhaps we will be having Chinese for lunch (that's what we did last time with them).

We love spending time with the missionaries.  They are happy, wholesome, and dedicated young men and women who love to serve.  They live the example set by Jesus Christ by exhibiting charity and love for others.   The missionaries have strong testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ and know the only way to true joy is through living and following the commandments.  How blessed we are to be serving with them.