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Monday, September 19, 2016

Ninety Years of San Gennaro

T Shirt from the Day
San Gennaro is a festival in Manhatten's Little Italy. We had heard about San Gennaro on the morning news, and loving pizza decided to go. "Go" does not mean hopping in the car and driving there, it means walking to the bus stop a couple of blocks away, waiting for the bus to arrive, finding a seat on the bus, getting off the bus at the subway station, walking down, down, down into the subway station, finding a seat, and hopefully, not having to make multiply transfers to our destination.

It was fun walking up and down Lafayette street looking at the various booths. Games, vendors, and hundreds of food booths.  So many people having fun and enjoying the Italian culture.   It was hard to decide what we wanted for lunch, but decided it would be nice to sit down while we ate.  We found a nice outdoor cafe and shared a small pizza, calamari, and mozzarella cheese and tomatoe salad.

After lunch we finished walking the rest of the festival street.  As we walked down the path we noticed a parade coming our way.  Lead by a gondola with Tony Danza ( movie star for you younger readers) and a woman sitting in the gondola, and was followed by marching bands and floats.

It was a fun day.  So glad we made the effort and experienced some of the New York culture.  Here are some pictures:






Street View


  1. Somehow I got linked to your blog and I love it! I served in NYYNS almost 10 years ago, under President Bennion... it's so fun to see what's changed. When I was a missionary, we lived with multiple companionships in each apartment -- in my last area (Ridgewood Spanish branch, now part of Bushwick, on Stockholm Street), we had six elders sharing a single bedroom and a single bathroom.

    In another area (Bushwick branch, the building was triangle-shaped on the corner of Grand and Keap), our apartment was so gross we killed two or three mice daily. That same apartment was so old that we had to unplug the fridge in order to use the microwave, and forgetting that rule meant going down four flights of stairs, into the bodega for the key, then down to the basement to flip the breaker. It was a lot of fun at 10 PM on winter nights! I'd love to see more pictures of missionary apartments and the Church buildings... they bring back such good memories.

    1. Matt, my parents are the authors of this blog. Sounds like you had some adventures! As you can see, they are sticklers for nice, clean apartments. You would have enjoyed having them as your apartment coordinators. :)