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Monday, September 5, 2016

Missionary Treats

Missionaries love treats.  I think their mothers use to make them cookies for an after school treat.  I know I use to love to do that.  It's hard to say how many pounds of chocolate chip cookie dough I have produced in my lifetime.....but I think a few of those pounds have found their way to my hips.

So, I still make chocolate chip cookies and so many loaves of banana bread, 32 loaves this past week. but never seem to have enough to last a month.

Once a transfer, we participate in a new missionary training conference where we talk about, what else, apartments and how to keep them clean.  We try to make it fun.  One time we did a cheer, once a little skit, and which cleaning product to clean what.

This last time I decided to do a different treat.  They took forever to make, a little less than 10 minutes each.  I needed 45 this last conference so I got busy in the evening cutting and pasting.

Here is what they looked like.  Pretty cute, don't you think?